FundHub is the crowdfunding platform for the University of Sussex.

Crowdfunding is a way to finance a project or idea. It may be difficult to find one person who can fund your whole project – but crowdfunding allows a large group of people (the crowd) to each contribute small amounts towards your idea. Getting enough people to give means you can fund almost anything.

You might have a great idea that no one has thought of before. Or you might want funding for your student society. You can even use crowdfunding to fund a research project.

How does FundHub work?

You need to fill in an online application to tell us about your project. You’ll also need to give a description of your project, what you’re hoping to achieve, and who you think your project will benefit…the more people the better!

We’re looking for projects that will clearly benefit our campus or the wider local community. We’re also looking for projects that will help students to reach their potential, whether that’s in their studies, employability or participation in university life.

Crowdfunding relies on urgency, trust and reciprocity, so as part of your application you will also need to decide how long your project will run for, how you will communicate with potential donors, and what benefits you will offer to those who donate.

Have a look at our Crowdfunding Academy and Frequently Asked Questions for more information about how to set up your crowdfunding project.

What happens when my project has been accepted?

Once your application has been accepted and gone live, you can start sharing your project page with people you’d like support from. This could be your friends, family or anyone else who you think will support your project. People will use FundHub to pledge an amount to support you, which they will pay if your project reaches its funding target.

Who can submit an application to FundHub?

All students and staff at the University of Sussex can submit an application to FundHub. You can submit a project on behalf of a group or as an individual, but please note that projects seeking support for individuals will usually not be accepted.

Who can support a project on FundHub?

Everyone! The more people you share your project with, the more likely you are to reach your funding target. The success of your fundraising depends on you.

Do I have to pay to use FundHub?

You don’t need to pay to use the University’s crowdfunding platform. All the costs are covered by the University. The payment gateway we use will charge 2.4% + 20p on every donation that is given, however. Please therefore ensure that you factor this in to your minimum fundraising goal when deciding how much you need to raise.

What happens when I reach my funding goal?

Please allow at least 14 days from the end of your project for payment to be made. You’ll need to make sure you provide either a Student Union or school fund code for the money to be transferred to.

What happens if I don’t reach my funding target?

We really hope that you meet your funding goal, but if you don’t then you won’t be able to claim any money that has already been pledged. As above, crowdfunding relies on urgency so people are more likely to give (and give again!) if they know that there is a chance of failure. With the proper preparation, however, you should be able to meet your target comfortably.

Who manages FundHub?

FundHub is managed by the Development and Alumni Relations team at the University of Sussex. You can get in touch with us by emailing